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“My personal experience with Laura Rategan has been life changing. Laura’s sessions are highly experiential, loving and powerful. Each time I have had a session with Laura, my own spiritual work has become more validating, intense and has reached another level of clarity. Laura’s gentle demeanor and beautiful soul is infectious and her loving energy makes you want to be in her presence at all times. Not only is she highly intuitive, she is an expert in her field and is knowledgeable about all things spiritual. I am lucky to lean on Laura as my spiritual advisor and know she will be my life long teacher! Thank you Laura, for being my earth angel and spiritual guide!”
Blessings always,
Lisa Nitzkin, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor

“Prior to moving into my new office, I asked Laura to do an energy cleansing and blessing of the space. It was one of the most beautiful and moving experiences I have ever had. Laura created a unique altar and explained in detail the importance of each of its elements. She demonstrated how to set the intention for the space while providing several prayers for my own future use. Included in this experience she smudged with sage, chanted, used her drum and performed a chakra balancing on me with her healing crystals. I am so grateful to Laura for this experience. My office feels peaceful and light. When clients come in, they often remark how much they like the good energy in there. I would highly recommend Laura in all healing capacities as she is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and compassionate shamanic practitioner.”
Amy L. Gould, Psychic Medium

“Laura, I want to thank you for being such an amazing source of strength in my life. Before our first meeting I did not consider myself to be a spiritual person, but after spending one session with you I realized how powerful your practice is and I have opened my mind, heart, and soul to  something deeper then I ever imagined. You have helped me reconnect to my sense of awareness and because of this I have found peace with the things I cannot control. My soul has found sunshine and I thank you, your insightful wisdom, and your peaceful way of approaching life.  May you forever be blessed with the gift of serenity.”  All my best, Ricki

“Time spent with Laura, whether it be a smudging session, participating in women’s circle, or
even just a casual conversation, is like a breath of fresh air. I have found her kind and positive
energy to be contagious. She has helped me to connect and stay connected day in and day out
with my own positive energy and a sense of calmness. Laura has taught me to be more mindful
of the intentions I set in my life and how they lay the trail for reaching my goals.”
A.S., Highland Park, IL

“Laura took time to really listen to me and ask questions that gently helped me get to the root of my issues. Once on her table she assisted me in falling into a deep state of relaxation and for the first time in my life I felt safe and free to explore events in my past. She used crystals which felt so magical and powerful, and used her drum, singing bowls and rattle to work with the energy sitting in my body.  Laura worked on my chakras and explained in detail everything that she was doing as she went along, asking permission along the way which as so respectful! She cleared and balanced my energy using energy work and her intuition to release blockages in my body. After a session with Laura I always feel lighter, balanced, connected to myself, calm and at peace the world.” April Caldwell

“Laura is my Spiritual guru! She has cleared and blessed my home and after I noticed such a difference in my family’s dynamic. We were more present and patient with each other and there was such a calm feeling in my home.  She also cleared my work space and set up intentional altars in different parts of my space for what was needed energetically and after I noticed an  increase in our productivity level and an increase our profits! I also do one on one sessions with Laura in her private office.  We did a past life regression where she intuitively knew things about my life no one knew.  She was able to channel my mother who passed on and gave me messages that were spot on! Laura led me through a releasing ceremony, she cut cords and gave me closure on issues surrounding my relationship with my mother. I have bought many beautiful items from her Soulshine Collection and because of our private work together she is able to guide me when making decisions about crystals and other items that will further assist me in my healing.  I am forever grateful Laura came into my life!!” Jen D.

“Women’s circle has become a place where each month, for a few hours, I get to genuinely connect with a group of women who originally were strangers but who now seem to know me on a soulful level.  Laura creates a space that enables this to happen, always one of being open, full of light, respectful, and a respite from the ‘noise’ of everyday life.  When I leave circle, the experience often stays with me for weeks and helps keep me grounded, aware, and centered.”  A.S.

“Laura supports individuals in the quest of raising consciousness, return to health, wholeness and the remembrance of our Divinity. She holds a compassionate presence and intention to nurture the enhancement of personal growth, empowerment and the activation of innate healing gifts.” Lynn Meyer

“I am grateful to have Laura in my life.  I have been a 1-1 client, experienced foot detox baths, attended woman circles and brought my kids to her Crystal Kid’s Club circles.  It is always energizing to be in her sessions and I refer her often with great confidence to friends and family.  I also go to Laura for all of my spiritual tools and jewelry.  She is truly a gift in my life and I am lucky to call her a friend.” Jamie D.

“Laura came to our house and immediately we felt comfortable with her. We walked through our
home together and cleansed the entire house. My daughters were involved and loved the
experience! I would recommend everybody to connect with Laura to enjoy a more harmonious
Jamie Schachtel

“My session with Laura was empowering and enriching. In addition to doing energy work with me in her healing space, she taught me ways in which I can maintain my own balance on a daily basis. She is an intuitive healer and conscientious teacher with the goal of assisting you in achieving your highest potential!” Lori S

“Thank you for an amazing GNO Birthday celebration, Laura! Your crystal readings and smudging brought a warm, cleansing energy to the party. Spirituality, friends, shopping and wine…what more can a girl ask for?!” Terri Chasley

“Laura has an amazing spirit. She has guided me in letting go as well as putting it out there and making it happen.”

“I experienced your foot detox and was amazed at how peaceful it was.  Your positive energy and healing “powers” always leave me amazed because I do not believe anyone ever leaves your presence feeling anything other than good.  Soulshine Collection has an amazing array of jewelry, stones and more and the items I purchased have added great value to my life just like your friendship.”  Dayna P.